Finding Safety in Your Own Skin

Trauma can make you feel like a stranger in your own body. It’s normal to experience fear, anxiety, and discomfort.  In this blog post, we’ll explore some simple ways  to feel more at ease in their own bodies.

  1. Take It Slow

Healing takes time, so be patient with yourself. Don’t rush the process. You’ve been through a lot, and it’s okay to take small steps towards feeling safe again.

  1. Breathe Deeply

Deep, slow breaths can help calm your nervous system. When you feel overwhelmed, try taking a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. It can help you feel more grounded.

  1. Connect with Your Body

Start by noticing how your body feels. Pay attention to any tension or discomfort. Then, gently stretch, move, or massage those areas. Connecting with your body in this way can help you feel more in control.

  1. Ground Yourself

Grounding exercises can bring you back to the present moment. One simple technique is to focus on your senses. What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel right now? This can help you feel anchored in the here and now.

  1. Create a Safe Space

Find or create a safe and comfortable space where you can relax. It could be a cozy corner in your home or a favorite outdoor spot. Surround yourself with things that bring you comfort and peace.

  1. Self-Care

Taking care of your body is crucial. Eat nutritious meals, get enough sleep, and engage in activities you enjoy. Self-care helps your body feel stronger and more secure.

  1. Seek Support

Talk to someone you trust about your feelings and experiences. You don’t have to go through this alone. Sharing your thoughts can be a relief and can help you feel supported.

  1. Set Boundaries

It’s okay to say no and set boundaries to protect yourself. Boundaries give you a sense of control over your body and your life.

  1. Learn About Trauma

Understanding how trauma affects your body and mind can be empowering. It helps you realize that your reactions are normal responses to what you’ve been through.


Remember, healing is possible, and you are not alone.. Take small steps, be gentle with yourself, and trust that you have the strength to heal. Your body is your own, and you deserve to feel safe and comfortable within it.