EMDR Groups

When a traumatic event occurs, the effects can be felt far and wide, affecting entire groups, teams, and organizations of all sizes. Our mission is to help individuals, groups and organizations navigate the aftermath of traumatic events.

Our Approach: We offer consultations and deliver EMDR Groups using the Group Traumatic Events Protocol (G-TEP). This protocol is specifically designed to support small groups who have been impacted by the same traumatic event, whether it’s an act of violence, sudden death, or another challenging circumstance. By using G-TEP we are addressing acute stress reaction before there is a chance for more trauma related symptoms to develop.

In-Person and Virtual Support: We recognize that everyone’s needs are unique, and the way they prefer to receive support can vary. That’s why we provide the flexibility of delivering G-TEP face-to-face or virtually. You can choose the method that best suits your group’s situation.

Benefits of EMDR Groups: 

  • Focus on recent event without the need to reprocess previous trauma
  • No Trauma material is shared in the group
  • Therapist can remain unaware of the specifics of the incident the group is working on
  • Can be delivered in person or online
  • Can reduce symptoms of Depression and PTSD.


For more information, please contact Paulina directly at paulina@gentlepathways.ca